Servicing FAQ

Why is the air conditioner not working?

One common reason is that the electrical power is not being supplied to the air conditioner. Perform an initial check on your electrical panel making sure that the electrical supply to the air conditioner has not trip. Upon confirmation of the availability of electrical supply, a qualified technician should be engaged to have the air conditioner repair.

Why is the air conditioner leaking water?

Common air conditioner will have water condensate in the indoor fan coil and the water condensate is discharge through a draining pipe to the nearest output. When the drainage piping is clogged will lead to the leaking of water. Generally aircon servicing will involve the cleaning & vacuuming of the drain pipe which may rectify the pipe corkage.

Why is the air conditioner smelly?

This could be due to the smell of cigarettes odours or other air pollution being absorbed into the unit and thus discharge with the air flow.

Why is my air conditioner not cold?

Aircon being not cold enough is a very common aircon problem faced in Singapore. The problem of your aircon being not cooling are commonly caused by these 10 aircon problems which we will discuss in detail today! We hope this article will greatly assist you in your aircon troubleshooting.

Why is my air conditioner noisy?

The blower evaporating coil of the air conditioner may be dirty. It may also be other factors.
**Please contact a professional to check the air conditioner thoroughly will be more advisable.

Can I service my own air conditioner?

Cleaning of filter and air conditioner cover can be done easily. However, checking of electrical settings, checking of the refrigerant gas level and vaccum of the drainage system cannot be done without proper equipment. Therefore contacting of a professional to do will prevent accidents from happening.

How often do I have to service my air conditioner?

Commercial ( Monthly or Bi-monthly)
Residential (Once every 3 months)

Why does the air-con switch on/off by itself and have its indicator light blinking?

It could be due to a defective electronic circuit board. Hence there is a need to diagnose and repair the fault. It is best to consult our specialists for further assistance.

What is pressure testing of air conditioning system and why it is needed?

When the refrigerant gas in an air conditioning system depletes away and the air conditioner needs to regularly top up refrigerant gas, we can suspect that there is air conditioning refrigerant leaking in the system. Pressure testing work will help to identify which is the leakage area. Normally high pressure is induced into the condenser, fancoil and refrigerant piping to identify where is the leakage. Further repair work will be quoted upon identifying the leakage area.

Can faulty aircon printed circuit board (PCB) be repair instead of replacing new circuit board?

Faulty air conditioner circuit board (PCB) can be repair in most cases. Many companies lacks the knowledge as well as are unwilling to spend time and effort on repair and testing of the circuit board. Its definitely less time consuming to replace a new circuit board. However the cost of replacing new circuit board is much more expensive. AirEver Engineering is among the few aircon companies in Singapore that provide circuit board repair services. We are committed to cost saving for our customer.

Installation FAQ

What are the different types of air conditioner???
  • Wall-Mounted Unit
  • Ceiling Cassette Unit
  • Ceiling Ducted Unit
  • Ceiling Suspended Unit
  • Window Unit
How long is the warranty period?

Most air conditioners come with ONE year warranty (parts & labor for repair excluding servicing) and FIVE years part warranty for compressor.

What is an inverter air conditioner?

An inverter air conditioner is more energy efficient as compared to a non-inverter as there is a inverter circuit that regulates the compressor to match the output compressor speed. As a result, this reduces the electrical bills and makes less noise than a non-inverter air conditioner.

What is the difference between R22 gas and R410A gas?
  • R22 gas contains hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) and chlorine are a contributing factor to the world’s ozone layer depletion. As there is 0.05% Ozone depletion potential factor. This gas is not environmentally friendly and less efficient as compared to R410A.


  • R410A This is a new refrigerant which was implemented in 2007 to replace R22 gas. This refrigerant is chlorine free, non-inflammable, energy efficient and environment friendly refrigerant which prevents further ozone depletion with a Ozone depletion potential factor of 0%.
Can the existing R22 refrigerant piping be reuse for the new R410 aircon system?

The new R410 refrigerant compressor uses a different type of compressor lubricating oil. If piping is reuse, there could be a mixing of the oils which may lead to change in its properties. This could lead to possible breakdown of compressor. A cleaning must be carry out if piping is to be reuse.

What is the recommended or minimum air conditioner capacity required for your room?

For HDB room, normally an air conditioner with BTU 9000 is enough for the room. You can also compute the BTU based on your room size. Recommended BTU/hr = Area of your room x 65 If you room size is a square room area is 15 feet X 15 feet, Recommended BTU/hr would be 15x15x65= 14,625